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Question: How can Russell Plywood help me acheive LEED credits on my project?

Answer: We carry a wide range of products that can fulfill the requirements for LEED Section 2.2.

Veneer Core - Starts with a center layer of veneer and then crossbands are layered on both sides, building up to the desired thickness. Each layer of veneer runs perpendicular to the previous in order to avoid warping of the panel.
Pros: excellent screw holding capability and also weight bearing strength; of all the core choices, veneer core is the lightest.
Cons: higher priced, possible core telegraphing thru face veneers, inconsistent thickness

MDF Core - Medium Density Fiberboard Core has the most uniform thickness and consistency of any panel core. Veneers are glued directly onto the face and back of the core, no crossbands are needed.
Pros: Consistent thickness, no core telegraphing, flat.
Cons: high weight, medium screw holding capability.

Particleboard Core - Particleboard Core panels are constructed similar to MDF Core panels, with the face & back veneers glued directly to the core.
Pros: Particleboard Core lays flat like MDF, consistent thickness, least expensive of all core types.
Cons: has a lower screw-hold strength of other cores.

Combination Core - There are two types of Combination Core construction. The first type consists of a center veneer core with 2 layers of crossband veneer and then a layer of MDF under the face and back veneer. The second type consists of an oriented strand board or wafer board center with a MDF crossband on both sides, under the face and back veneer. Combination Core can be used when the project calls for consistent flatness and good screw-hold ability, without the weight of a MDFor particleboard core.

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